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East Africa Restaurant

written by Paul Shubin, 9th June 2011, published on lesactualites.ca

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“Restaurant East Africa. It’s run by a wonderful couple from the region and features one of the most fascinating and, yet, basic kinds of cuisine you’ll find anywhere. Your selections are served in a huge platter on a blanket of INJERA, the East African flat bread. It’s very thin and slightly spongy and you tear off pieces and use them to grasp the food and feed yourself. It’s actually very civilized and social.”

“It’s temptingly delicious but filling so use it first to eat your dinner and, afterwards, to mop up the gravies and juices. And, flavour this food has! Here are just a few: Onions, garlic, cumin, ginger, turmeric and (the expression on the menu I love) “…et autres épices’’. I can’t even name them but let your tongue and imagination wander and savour the blend of flavours.”

“They don’t have a fancy décor, but you know me: You don’t eat the wallpaper. But can they cook! and every single dish is done FRESH, from scratch. You may wait a bit for your dinner but you will know it never saw the inside of a freezer or a microwave.”

read the full article – pg13